Taurine what is it?

Taurine and Fighting Cancer

Taurine [ 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid ] is an organic amino acid found in animal tissues, and accounts for .1 percent of our body weight. It regulates our water and mineral salt levels in our blood and found in large amounts in our bile. Our kidneys excrete what the body does not use. It also supports our neurological system.

Because taurine is a supporter of our neurological system it is widely known as an amino acid to use for controlling stress. Those undergoing stress to the body through work or sports will find a good balanced amount of taurine will help eliminate stress. This is important as stress is related to many diseases. Our bodies react negatively to stress as our nutrient levels are depleted during stressful times, hence our systems result in deficiencies allowing disease to follow.

Used as a supplement for athletes at about 3000 mg daily and also found in sports or endurance drinks; taurine assists the body’s stressed situation during workouts, allowing better performance.

We can find taurine naturally in meats, fish eggs and milk. We offer it in breast milk to our babies. Most people that are vegans or vegetarians are low or deficient in taurine and need to supplement.

Having an antioxidant effect, taurine is seen as beneficial in aiding with those with diabetes as it assists in the proper function of insulin. Its ability to abolish free radicals and keep cells alive and healthy is partly due to how it helps maintain homeostasis and balance in the body. Taurine can aid the detoxification process, while also minimizing the stress and insulin response.

Taurine’s association with treating cancer has been seen as both beneficial and cautious. It has been found to benefit those with prostate cancer, aiding in stopping proliferating cancer cells. Levels of taurine are used as markers for those with breast cancer, endometrial and esophageal cancers. What seems to be found is that because taurine helps support our organs, blood, oxidation, liver, heart function and inflammation; one can surmise these benefits help with those fighting cancer whereas such organs are under attack during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Cancer surgery results often with inflammation and oxidation and taurine is great to be in ample supply of. Those fighting cancer through non invasive treatments will find taurine essential in rebuilding the body against the cancer. It’s anti- proliferating property aids the body in slowing down the proliferation of cancer cells.

If you do not believe you are getting enough taurine it is good to supplement every day with about 3000 mg. All excess amounts will be excreted through the kidneys. Use moderation with taurine as you do with all supplements.

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